WP4 Mission tasks and vertical enterprise integration
Lead partner: UEDIN

The overall objective of this WP is to support the integration of a collection of robots with different skills into a heterogeneous robot fleet. In particular, this work package will:
  1. specify the service-oriented interface needed for the Enterprise Information System (EIS) to communicate with the mission planning subsystem,
  2. to provide sustainable integration mechanisms with all the different components of the EIS, including the conversion logic with the higher level ERP planning definitions, the translation of orders to the Manufacturing Execution Software or complementary shop floor software.
  3. provide the software level integration required to support communication a between the EIS and mission planner,
  4. define and implement the architecture and constituent components of the mission planning subsystem, and
  5. configuring the planning-level support components required for actual planning activities within the mission planning subsystem.
The Stamina system will integrate with the EIS subsystems responsible for the detailed finite capacity scheduling or order dispatching to receive the job information to define the robots mission planning. Stamina will also be able to receive operations status information from MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) or other shop floor control systems.

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