WP5 Knowledge transfer. Dissemination and exploitation
Lead partner: INESC

The objective of this work package is
  • to coordinate the partners’ scientific and technological activities in the project,
  • to foster communication among project partners,
  • to create and foster awareness and transparency for the knowledge and competence available in the consortium,
  • to monitor the technological and scientific progress, define and implement corrective measures, if necessary, implement measures to ensure scientific excellence,
  • to ensure proper knowledge management including handling of IPR,
  • to create visibility for the proposed project and advance dissemination in coherent fashion beyond the level of individual publication and presentation,
  • to promote the results developed within the project.
All WP5 tasks are support tasks for other work packages and tasks. Appropriate ways of ensuring the visibility of the project towards its stakeholders will be developed, but the provision of the content itself will be part of the technical tasks within the related work packages.

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